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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Week 12 Results: Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair vs The Miz & Asuka

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Finals
Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair vs The Miz & Asuka

Miz asks to start the match, and Roode says his ‘Glorious’ pose is awesome. Miz tells him to shut his mouth, then they all trade taunts before Roode lays into Miz with some chops. Roode goes right for a Glorious DDT but Miz gets away, then Asuka calls for the tag and Miz obliges, and she enters the ring and ties up with Charlotte and they fight for position. Both go for takedown with the collar and elbow tie up still applied, then they roll outside and break before rolling back in, but Miz tags himself back in. Roode goes for a quick rollup and gets two, then Miz takes him down on the floor before targeting the left knee.

Miz continues to attack Roode’s knee while taunting Charlotte, but Roode gets to the ropes so Miz stomps him near the corner. Miz mocks Charlotte with a Ric Flair strut, then Roode runs over and clotheslines Mix and Charlotte gets the hot tag. Asuka runs in and unloads with kicks to the chest, then follows it up with a running leg lariat for two. Asuka goes for one more but Charlotte blocks it, then Asuka goes for a near fall before Charlotte connects with a few chops and a back suplex. Charlotte heads up top and hits a moonsault for two, then she sets up the Figure Four but Asuka kicks her in the head to block it. Miz taunts Charlotte again and Charlotte tries to slap him, but Miz ducks and Asuka uses the distraction to take her down again. Miz gets the tag again, but Roode hits a diving forearm before clotheslining Miz, then follows with a neckbreaker.

Roode heads up top and connects with a diving clothesline, then he calls for a Glorious DDT but Miz blocks, he sets up a Skull Crushing Finale, but Roode counters with a near fall rollup. Miz comes back and kicks him in the face, then Miz busts out the It Kicks, but Roode comes right back with a Uranage Slam for another near fall. Miz goes for another Skull Crushing Finale but Roode blocks, then Miz slams him face first on the mat, and Roode is able to kick out again. Miz goes back to a Figure Four and mocks Charlotte with the Horsemen hand taunt, but Roode goes for another rollup to get a near fall.

Charlotte runs in after Miz keeps up the mind games and goes for a Figure Four, then she spears Miz and puts him in the Figure Four! Asuka runs in and breaks it up, Roode hits a spinebuster for two before once again calling for the Glorious DDT. Asuka kicks Roode in the back of the head and knocks Charlotte off of the apron, then Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winners – The Miz & Asuka

Miz cut a post match promo about this being the best week of his life, and talked about being a Dad and winning money for rescue dogs. He put over the tournament, then both Miz and Asuka hyped their Wrestlemania matches before saying Rescue Dogs Rock and their team are awesome.

I think it’s safe to say many people thought Asuka and The Miz winning was a ‘given’. With that said, this match was really fun to watch, and provided a perfect tease for Wrestlemania 34. More times than not, tag team matches give away too much of the singles match they are trying to hype, but this had just enough of an interaction between Charlotte and Asuka to not spoil it. They were legal participants in the match for a few moments, but left fans wanting more. This was a really good finals match, and a nice prelude to Sunday.