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Why Jinder Mahal Has As Good Of Chance As Ever To Win World Title, Rip Rogers Talks “…Dive” Controversy & Fantasy Match With Will Osprey

Every Wednesday I host a new episode of “Wrestling Reality” podcast. This week wasn’t released until Friday due to me traveling to cover SmackDown Live.

The show starts with me looking at factors changing in WWE that give the best chance ever for Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship Sunday at Backlash or shortly thereafter:

LaBar: I think there is more of a chance for Jinder Mahal to win than ever before. If you’re playing where you can win up to $500 for predicting and answering questions about Backlash then Jinder Mahal could win you money. Say that again, Jinder Mahal winning could get you money. Let’s look at the factors around this…Rusev wasn’t at SmackDown as originally planned. He’s demanding a title shot. Didn’t show up. Tweets he was at NHL game which is the cover for whatever reason WWE changed plans. He could still show up Sunday and destroy that title match making it a no contest and protecting everyone involved. Maybe WWE ha decided Jinder is going to win and you’re not going to have heel versus heel in Jinder vs Rusev so they are going a different direction with Rusev. Jinder could also win or not win the title and next event is Money in the Bank. Jinder could win Sunday and get it off of him next month. It could be a one month test if things are going well and he’s still labeled with credibility as former Champion. He could not win this Sunday and he could win briefcase next month and they can continue letting him be higher on the card and he cashes in later.

The show continues on with this match and how Vince McMahon and Jinder Mahal have a better relationship. Plus, more Backlash predictions.

At the 27:56 mark, veteran Rip Rogers joins me for an NSFW conversation around the “…dive” controversy that Randy Orton got involved in and sparked debate around the wrestling world. The conversation bounced around, so here are some different quotes from Rogers:

I’m the dumb ass treating it like it’s real and it’s not.

If I hadn’t been a wrestler, given my life to this s**t, loved every minute of it and fought for the business like it was real and all that I’d probably just laugh.

Who knows what’s right or wrong. Wrestling goes in cycles.

I’m trying to lure Will Osprey out whatever. I got a lot of s**t going on in my f***ing head. Been around a long time. Vader drew a lot of money with this. Always suckers out there buying, so what the hell.

How would you book Rip Rogers vs Will Osprey?:

I’m gonna have the guys I train or my adopted son or someone work with him because I’ll say I refuse to get in there because he’s beneath me. He’ll be trying to do all this s**t. They will want to storm the ring. It will be a boring headlock match. Every time he starts to get something going we’ll pull him back down in a headlock. We’ll beat him and leave him for f***ing dead and we’ll get a rematch.

Rip also talks about training at Ohio Valley Wrestling and more.

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