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Exclusive: Mick Foley On Mustafa Ali’s Success, Does He Have Issues w/ Alexa Body Shaming Nia?, More

WrestleZone Radio has released an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

You can find some transcribed highlights from Mick’s interview in this post. The full audio can also be found in the embedded audio player at the top of this post.

WrestleZone will be releasing more transcribed highlights from Mick’s interview throughout the week.

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On Mustafa Ali breaking the mold of the traditional WWE Superstar:

MF: I don’t think it takes a progressive mind to think it’s positive for WWE to have a guy of middle eastern descent as a babyface. It’s great and it’s a long time coming. I retweet a lot of his stuff. I find him very interesting on social media. Some of the stuff he says is really touching. Some people have a knack for producing interesting tweets and I think he does. He’s just a guy working hard, living out a dream, loving his family and of middle eastern descent. I think it’s great and I like him personally.

On if he has issues with the body Alexa Bliss body shamming Nia Jax as part of the build to their WrestleMania match:

MF: Heels are bullies! (Laughs) You can’t be saying, “Oh, come on, she’s not such a bad girl!” Alexa is an awful… I want to be quoted… she does a great job at being an awful heel. I think she’s a great heel and I think that should be open territory. The same way that The Rock can make fun of my body, you can’t take away every tool from a heel’s arsenal. I liked when Alexa was working with Mickie. I thought that was a really effective storyline that makes people angry and sit up and take notice. It makes them feel for Nia and I think that’s a good thing. I hear all the time, “What happened to Be A Star?” Or, “What happened to tolerance?” It’s like, we’re characters, we can’t have a show called “Big Guys Getting Along Making Points”. You have to have a reason for them to go in to the ring and I think they have given us that reason.

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