App Attack: Themer

I’m going to try and avoid diving into the Apple Vs. Android battle while doing this review. I think both phones are great phones that get the job done, put I prefer Android because of the customization options. With little coding knowledge, you can change the entire way that your phone looks and functions. This app Themer is a great example of this android feature.

Coming from the great guys over at My Color Screen, they have put together Themer to give you great user made launch screens for your android device. all you have to do is download Themer (FREE) and make an account and you are good to go. You browse the themes that are available, tap on the one you like, and press apply. Thats it. Then your phone looks like no other phone! Once you get better with the app, try giving their website a visit. They have a ton of other user made launchers that do not appear in the app. Again, I wouldn’t recommend trying this until you are familiar with how the app works. It can get a little confusing since you will need to know how the Zooper Widget works (which I will talk about in another review).

In conclusion, a great 5 star app. Go download it, and have fun with it! You can see examples of themes below!





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