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App Attack: Whisper

Have you ever had a secret or experience that you had always kept to yourself? Of course you have, we all have! Well now there is an app that lets you anonymously post secrets to the la-whisper-20130503app, with out ever having to  make an account. You can say what ever you want, and read what ever anyone else posts. It even tells you when someone in your area posts a secret! Simple app that can be alot of fun. The only issue to me is the imbalance of funny secrets and actual confessions gets a little weird at times. For example, you can go from reading about a funny online dating confession, to someone that feels like an inconvenience to everyone now he is in a wheelchair… But hey, that’s what the app is for. Confessing what ever you feel the need to confess. So here is the download link for both iOS and Android phones, and have fun with it!

Android: Whisper Android

iOS: Whisper Apple


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