Qualcomm Announces New Chips

Qualcomm announced today that they will be releasing their newest chip set early 2015. The chips are a part of the Snapdragon line, and will be 64 bit. The Snapdragon 808 and 810 will have a considerable amount of new features that are sure to attract people in the market for a new smartphone.


Of the new features, some of the more appealing ones are improved voice quality, faster wifi speeds, and longer battery life. It will be available sometime early 2015, which is unfortunate for people like me, who are getting an upgrade for their phone now. If successful, this new chipset could make phones mad this year obsolete, phones such as the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.


The surprising thing to me really, is how early Qualcomm has announced this product. Why would you announce something that you can’t sell for another year? Other smartphone chip manufacturers have started production of their own 64-bit chips, so this could very well be a frantic “Hey don’t forget about us!” type of move on Qualcomm’s part. Is Qualcomm in a financial struggle? Maybe, and announcing this product is not the way to help, because now any one that was thinking of buying a phone running on snapdragon will most likely reconsider and hold out for another year, ultimately impacting sales up until that point.

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