App Attack: IFTTT

I would like to introduce you to the app that you never knew you needed. IFTTT (Which stands for If This Then That) connects web services across your phone, and it is available on iftttandroid and iOS. We will show you what it does below, but in a nut shell it automatically runs a “recipe” when you do something within another app. The possibilities for recipes are seemingly endless! So lets dive into the how to and what it does a little more.

IFTTT links all of your active apps, such as the camera, internet browser, Operating system, etc, and links it with a corresponding app. it also can do the same for apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So, lets look at a simple one. If you have Google Drive installed, which must android phones do now days, then you can link lets say, your camera app to it. so the recipe would look like this:

2014-04-28 11.48.13

Now, whenever you take a new photo or add one to your photos, it will be automatically uploaded as a new document in your Google drive account. Pretty cool, am I write? This recipe is rather simple, so now lets discuss some of this apps other functions. For example, if you allow it to access your GPS signal, you can designate where home is, and where you work, and set it to automatically turn the phone to vibrate when you get to work, and loud when you leave. Another cool one, is that you can link instagram with your OS, and whenever you upload a picture to instagram, it will automatically set it as your phones wallpaper. There are infinite possibilities with this app, especially when paired with the almost restriction-less android OS! Check out some of the other pictures for more views on how the app looks, then download it yourself!


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